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Are you looking to hire a property manager in Petersburg, VA? If you are, look no further than Keyrenter Chester!

Being a landlord in Petersburg can mean giving up a lot of personal time to fulfill all your responsibilities. If you’ve been feeling the stress and want a break from your duties without sacrificing the quality of service, Keyrenter Chester can help you!

We specialize in managing single and small multi-family homes. Based in Chester, we have solid experience in running a successful rental business. 

Keyrenter Chester has the right professional skills and knowledge of the Virginia real estate market to manage your Petersburg rental property. We aim to lower your stress and provide you with passive income.

We know the right marketing strategies to use for vacant rentals and we follow an extensive tenant screening process. We also have an effective system for rent collection. We’re reliable when it comes to providing support in maintaining your rental and scheduling repairs.

Under our care, your Petersburg rental home enjoys consistent property inspections. You’re also protected from costly mistakes as we’re well-versed in property laws and handling tenants.

Contact us today and enjoy a hassle-free approach to property management. Take advantage of our free rent analysis by calling us today at (804) 796-0011 or emailing [email protected]. We look forward to presenting you with the best property solutions for your Petersburg rental home.

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Our Property Management Services 

We want to help you optimize your earnings, enhance the value of your property and prepare your rental for the best quality renters out there. We’re always available to perform property marketing, tenant screening, lease drafting, and property maintenance and repair, among other important tasks.

Here are some of the beneficial property management services you’ll enjoy as our valued client:

Marketing Your Rental Property

Your vacant Petersburg rental home can become a financial burden if left empty for some time. Even without tenants, you’re still bound to pay for cleaning fees and maintenance costs. 

Marketing a property requires a lot of knowledge and planning. Keryrenter Chester has the industry experience to assist in effectively advertising your unit.

We use attractive photos and well-written property descriptions in our ads to generate more interest from prospective tenants. We maximize the power of social media platforms and property listing sites to score more views. 

Keyrenter Chester knows what property features to promote and which demographics to target from studying your property’s selling points. Our team knows how to quickly land renters in just a few weeks!

Tenant Screening Process

Although getting tenants into your rental as fast as possible is the goal, we want to make sure you’re getting the best tenants possible. Keyrenter Chester eliminates bad tenants at the outset and our less than 1% eviction record is a testament to that. 

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We accomplish this by running a detailed 14-step tenant screening process. While a lot of work is required initially, it pays off over the long term with minimal tenant turnovers, consistent rent payments, and fewer property damages outside normal wear and tear.

We review the income, employment, and rental history and reach out to the tenant’s referrals. This is to ensure that property damage and income losses are limited. It’s easier to take care of good tenants and gain consistent income as a result.

Lease Preparation

For first-time rental property owners, a clear leasing agreement is required to be drafted. This is a vital document to prevent disputes and ensure that your property policies are followed. Here at Keyrenter Chester, we are experts at creating and preparing leases.

We make sure that the essential conditions in your Petersburg rental home are included in the contract. We also provide a lease that adheres to the current laws and regulations. With our help, your rental agreement is clear and specific.

Property Repairs & Maintenance

Improving the value of your Petersburg rental home requires consistent preventive maintenance. Keyrenter Chester assures you that we’ll regularly conduct property inspections, look out for property damage, no matter how minor, and address it. 

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We’re also attentive to your tenants, especially when they have property issues and maintenance requests. We get in touch with our trusted vendors for repairs to minimize the potential costs when the problem is left unresolved. You can count on us during property emergencies!

About Petersburg, Virginia

Petersburg is an independent city in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Petersburg is known to be a part of the Tri-Cities regional economy labeled as the “Appotamox Basin”. This includes some parts of Chesterfield County. 

Residents enjoy staying in Petersburg for its rich history. A lot of tourists visit the local battlefield landmarks and heritage buildings. It’s also a tranquil area where plenty of family-friendly activities can be experienced. The city also hosts a lot of free festivals.

Here are some of the interesting things to see and do in Petersburg, Virginia:

  1. Petersburg National Battlefield
  2. Pamplin Historical Park
  3. Centre Hill Mansion-Museum
  4. Pocahontas Island Black History Museum
  5. Virginia Motorsports Park
  6. Petersburg Legends Historical Park
  7. The Exchange Building
  8. Blandford Church
  9. National Museum of the Civil War
  10. Historic Farmers Bank

Source: Wikipedia

Areas We Serve

In addition to Chester and Petersburg, we provide property management services in Fort Lee, Hopewell, Colonial Heights, Prince George, and Dinwiddie.